2014 Christmas Card Video Charity Contest

The votes are in and here are the winners:

First of all, thank you for being involved or interested in this. As I was finishing the card, it was a spur of the moment impulse to add the challenge. Like most people, when able, I enjoy sharing my good fortune with others through people and organizations who do the real work. This was a pretty good year, so I decided to use this contest to help me identify some of those organizations I might not otherwise know enough about to support.

Now came the hard part..... 20 submissions and only $5,000.00 to give. As a contract lawyer and ethics teacher, I felt uneasy about not offering the five $1,000.00 gifts as promised. So I dug deeper and decided to increase the pie, rather than slice it thinner or send some home hungry. I decided to give $12,500.00. There are still FIVE $1,000.00 winners and everyone gets something.

IMPORTANT - Please see the table below to see how much your organization received. If you are on the list, please contact me (JOE) with your name, your video #, the name and address and website of your organization. Put Charity Contest in the subject line. We will distribute the money and will make sure the recipient knows that you are responsible for the donation. Please do this as soon as possible.


Thank you all for your interest in this. It was meant to be fun and I hope it was for you. Of course it was for me, because everything is fun for me. I urge you to support the many organizations listed below and to have the merriest Christmas. If you are in my neighborhood, please stop in and see me.

With much love,


#1 - $500.00

Video #1 is from Isaac K-W for the Fremont Abbey which we love.


Here is a link to one of our favorite arts orgs.

+32 -10

#2 - $1,000.00

Video #2... Straight from the Netherlands.... Fabrice singing for the Orcas Farm to Cafeteria program. This is a virtual shoe-in winner because it is good and because we love Fabrice! And we love Farm to Cafeteria.

+10 -7

#3 - $500.00

Video Submission #3... Dan Pens submitted here and to the Doctor Demento show. I hate using words like Laugh Out Loud, but I did... The Freedom Project can start counting their money...??

+9 -10

#4 - $500.00

Video # 4 from the inimitable Ganriel Mintz



Make a Wish Foundation

+5 -6

#5 - $1,000.00

Video # 5 from the Orcas Island Community Foundation is so good that I can say add $1k to your budget!

So much fun... The Brotherton Kids photo wins it.

OICF _ Orcas Island Community Foundation

+17 -6

#6 - $500.00

Video # 6... The cause is better than the singing.. Thanks Jess

Check them out!

Green Plate Special

(Note that Video 2 and video 6 are both about feeding our kids better.... Nice.)

+3 -6

#7 - $500.00


Video # 7 - Provided by one of our favorite people for one of our favorite causes. Faustine is a video genius!

Enjoy & Support


+157 -13

#8 - $1,000.00

Grand prize - also will receive a $1,000.00 match

Video # 8 submitted by my friend Dan Satterberg.... You will love this... Possible Instant Winner!

Check it out

These two young men are part of Unleash the Brilliance and I want to hand them the check myself.

+5 -3

#9 - $500.00

Video #9 - is from the 180 group which is keeping kids out of the criminal justice system who are otherwise headed there.

Thanks Dan! A cause near and dear to me, so I won't spend my Monday nights visiting these young people.

+5 -4

#10 - $500.00

Here is a nice rendition and a cause I would not have thought of on my own. Thanks Ann C-C


+150 -43

#11 - $500.00

Harley (a Tiger and not related to the motorcycle) does a good "white guy doing Satchmo".


+5 -6

#12 - $500.00

Marielle who I have known since she was about 2... straight from Ireland Her charity is in Ireland so if she wins, I will have to buy some Euros... or may pay in Rubles. 100 Minds at Trinity College.

+52 -11

#13 - $500.00

My old friend Mike Brustkern and his team at Exvere singing for CAYA... Keep your day jobs kids but FUN!

Central Area Youth Association

+8 -4

#14 - $1,000.00

Whole U Singers who remind me of someone, but I just can't place him.

You know how to appeal to a narcissist with all those Joes.

Whole U is cool and we love Marti!

+111 -30

#15 - $500.00

- The Matt Talbot Center singers basically got ALL the words wrong but Gregg Alex is a saint and I am pretty sure they will get something for their efforts.


+1 0

#16 - $500.00

Freedom Project is double dipping here. I guess they were a little afraid we wouldn't appreciate video # 3 with Dan Pens, doing an Amish Tom Waits. It had "Instant Winner" written all over it.

+5 0


# 17 - $500.00

Even with the JOE face, it will be hard to pick this one....Just kidding Ginny, but you peaked singing Gary Indiana in the 60's at Holy Rosary?


Fortunately we love Amara.

+3 0

#18 - $500.00

Thanks Jenn, Rob, Sequoia, Cayenne, Tres, and Devin... my favorite Doe Bay Fest guests!


Music R/X - Children's Cancer Association

+23 0

#19 - $500.00

Orcas Island continues it's domination.... subtle but clever....



Thanks Judy and Opal

+18 -1


#20 - $1,000.00

A late entry which took a little research and effort.Austin's best line... "It's not the same"


Cause looks cool!

+5 0

Merry Christmas to all and to all,





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