Operating Businesses

Alaska Protein Recovery

Since 2003, Alaska Protein Recovery (APR), an Alaska Limited Liability Company based in Juneau, Alaska, has been using biotechnology and Alaska Salmon industry by-products to produce valuable marine based products for both human diestary supplementation and for agricultural purposes.

Purcell Painting and Coatings

Purcell Painting and Coatings is a recognized leader in the painting and coatings industry.

Seaport Steel

Seaport Steel is the largest family owned full-service warehouse in the Seattle area with a satellite operation serving Spokane, Idaho and Montana.

Seaport Steel has been serving the fabrication, shoring, manufacturing and shipyard industries for 27 years from these locations.

Consolidated Property Management

Consolidated Property Management.

Democracy Live, Inc.

The leading voter information platform for all voters. Anytime. Anywhere.