I was born at Providence hospital on June 13, 1954, the son of Edwin William Brotherton and Lorraine Eunice Brotherton. I was raised in West Seattle and educated at Holy Rosary Grade School followed by Seattle Preparatory High School. I was one of six children, although my brother and sister, Joseph Anthony Brotherton and Theresa Louise Brotherton, twins born less than two years before me were premature and did not survive too long. I mention this to share the story that when I was born, I was actually christened Louis Joseph Brotherton. Because my brother, Joseph Anthony had died, my parents were hesitant to reuse the Joseph name, notwithstanding the fact that it was an important family name (I believe both of my grandfathers were Joseph). In any event, everyone called me by my middle name, Joey, and so sometime early in my youth my parents had my name changed to Joseph Louis Brotherton. One weird thing is that I can go and visit the grave of Joseph Brotherton, son of Lorraine and Ed, born in the early 50’s. Kind of spooky.