Having raised children who we love and now watching them raise our grandchildren is our greatest accomplishment and source of joy. A brief story:

A decade ago or more, Maureen and I were sitting drinking a glass of wine and reflecting on our kids. (at this point we had been together for over 30 years and had talked about everything under the sun. I shared how interesting and unique each of our five kids are. I added that, while I always loved kids, I never had a “goal” of fatherhood. Maureen didn’t miss a beat, responding, “I always knew I was going to have five kids.” At that moment I realized that my illusion of being in charge was just that.

The Brotherton Family

Joe Maureen
Tia & Chris
Kiera, Ashley, Alexa

Nan & Stosh
Parker Joe Jackson

Joey & Allison

Louis & Kayla