2014 Christmas Card Video Charity Contest

The votes are in and here are the winners:

First of all, thank you for being involved or interested in this. As I was finishing the card, it was a spur of the moment impulse to add the challenge. Like most people, when able, I enjoy sharing my good fortune with others through people and organizations who do the real work. This was a pretty good year, so I decided to use this contest to help me identify some of those organizations I might not otherwise know enough about to support.

Now came the hard part….. 20 submissions and only $5,000.00 to give. As a contract lawyer and ethics teacher, I felt uneasy about not offering the five $1,000.00 gifts as promised. So I dug deeper and decided to increase the pie, rather than slice it thinner or send some home hungry. I decided to give $12,500.00. There are still FIVE $1,000.00 winners and everyone gets something.

IMPORTANT – Please see the table below to see how much your organization received. If you are on the list, please contact me (JOE) with your name, your video #, the name and address and website of your organization. Put Charity Contest in the subject line. We will distribute the money and will make sure the recipient knows that you are responsible for the donation. Please do this as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your interest in this. It was meant to be fun and I hope it was for you. Of course it was for me, because everything is fun for me. I urge you to support the many organizations listed below and to have the merriest Christmas. If you are in my neighborhood, please stop in and see me.

With much love,